Global Green Lifts

We are a company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA with years of experience working on government projects.

Global Green Lifts offers green wastewater lift station designs. Our designs are the first true breakthrough in lift station operating design since the traditional design was developed in the 1940s. Created by our founder, Fred Nasser, our designs provide energy cost savings and greenhouse gas reductions for lift stations. For an example of the benefits we offer, a median US city that retrofits 95 of its two-pump lift stations and 28 of its three-pump stations with our design would net $18 million and $46 million in savings over 20 years, respectively.

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Our Services

Introducing the wastewater lift station design that is sure to become the new industry standard.

Lift Sation Design

Experience huge boosts in energy cost savings and greenhouse gas reductions with our patented green wastewater lift station designs.

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Three Pump Systems

Simply take one look at the benefits our three-pump lift stations offer over traditional two-pump lift stations to discover why our system is superior.

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Four Pump Systems

Our four-pump lift station offers even greater operating efficiency than our three-pump stations. However, it has certain drawbacks that make it important for you to consider which station is right for you.

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