Superior Four Pump Lift Stations

Energy Efficient Green Four Pump Lift Stations

While our three-pump lift station certainly exceeds the traditional two-pump station, we don't stop there. Global Green Lifts is proud to introduce our highly efficient four-pump lift station.

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For the same reasons that our Energy Efficient Green Three-Pump Lift Stations out perform Traditional Two-Pump Lift Stations, our Four-Pump stations outperform traditional Re-Pump lift stations. That is, we select multi-identical pumps having the same horsepower so that the pumping capacity will be optimized based on minimum inflow into the lift station and the maximum force main head. Our lower horsepower pump selection combined with the constant running of the primary pump significantly reduce energy consumption of traditional re-pump stations that are designed by determining maximum pumping capacity per pump. In addition, energy and maintenance cost savings are even higher when our Energy Efficient Green Four-Pump Lift Stations are compared to Re-Pump Stations that utilize variable speed pumps (Please see: Common Misconceptions).

Four-pump systems

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