Efficient Wastewater
Lift Station Design

Our credo is “Energy conservation is the number one alternative energy source”

Global Green Lifts is a conscientious conservationist company that will partner with you to green up your pump stations and achieve these identified goals that you and us share. Furthermore, projects will be designed and constructed on a partnership basis so that we succeed together. Global Green Lifts' Green Pump Station Designs, together with its Green Pump Station Control Panels, will be the new industry standard in the future. The Green Pump Station Design can be applied to pre- existing lift-stations as well as the construction of new ones.

In today's fiscal environment, governmental agencies strive to identify funding sources for needed infrastructure improvements, to reduce operating costs, to increase efficiency, and to reduce our carbon footprint. With our patented wastewater lift station, government agencies will experience both energy cost savings, maintenance cost reduction, construction cost reduction and greenhouse gas output reductions.

Doing our part to save the environment

Our wastewater lift station uses our patented system control panel to accomplish energy savings and environmental footprint reduction in a big way. For example, wastewater re-pump stations retrofitted using our green lift station design will experience:

  • Up to 73% energy cost savings over a 25-year project life
  • Up to 79% maintenance cost savings over the same project life
  • Up to 73% greenhouse gas footprint reductions
  • Up to 35% initial construction cost savings
  • Pumps operating at an efficiency rate of 60% versus variable speed pump rates of 12%
Another example, retrofitting a traditional two pump lift station results in:
  • 35% or more energy cost savings over a 20-year project life
  • Up to 67% maintenance cost savings over a 20-year project life
  • 35% or more reduction of your greenhouse gas footprint from this source

Lift Station design

Experience huge boosts in energy cost savings and greenhouse gas reductions with our patented green wastewater lift station designs.

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Three Pump Systems

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Four Pump Systems

Our four-pump lift station offers even greater operating efficiency than our three-pump stations. However, it has certain drawbacks that make it important for you to consider which station is right for you.

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Our Goals

  • Help governmental agencies reduce wastewater pump station energy and maintenance operating costs by our energy efficient pump station design
  • Assist governments to significantly reduce their carbon footprints by replacing inefficient pump station designs with energy saving designs
  • Increase American jobs by providing an infrastructure improvement plan for wastewater pump station retrofitting and replacement
  • Establish grant eligible green infrastructure improvement projects for the many shovel ready pump station projects that desperately need funding assistance
  • Expand U.S. manufacturing output by ordering “Made In America” pumps and parts for use on retrofit and replacement projects
  • Help local small businesses as well as large firms to benefit by partnering with them in transforming the antiquated wastewater pump stations across America to the Energy Saving Green Wastewater Design

Results and Benefits

  • The use of smaller pumps that are cheaper, easier to install and easier to maintain
  • Reduction of total installed pump horse power in stations by 25% to 50%
  • Lower initial construction costs compared to costs of traditional designed stations
  • Energy required to operate the stations will be as low as 30% to 60% of traditional usage
  • Annual Green Station maintenance costs being as low as 30% of traditional pump stations
  • Highly efficient power generating plants saving up to 3.6 kWh in hydro carbon fuel for each conserved kWh of energy within the Green Pump Station
  • CO2 introduced into the environment will be reduced by 2.02 pounds for each conserved kWh of energy

Capital Needs

Municipalities often face annual budget deficits if costs are not cut or if taxes are not raised. Part of the budget is dedicated to repair of existing infrastructure as well as for limited expansion. Often, municipalities must issue bonds because the scope of the work of these projects is so large. Unfortunately, traditionally designed pump station improvements that do not conserve energy cannot qualify for grant assistance. That is unless they qualify under carbon reduction or efficiency improvement grants.


Our energy saving design should be eligible for grant funding assistance. For example, in 2013, the President introduced his “New National Climate Action Plan. In the President's speech at Georgetown University on June 25th, he stated, “My administration pledged to reduce America's greenhouse gas emissions by about 17 % from their 2005 levels by the end of this decade.” Later in his speech, the President stated, “Now the third way to reduce carbon pollution is to waste less energy”. The Global Green Lifts Energy Saving Green Wastewater Pump Station Design not only wastes less energy but it also delivers calculated energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions exceeding 30% and as high as 50% in poorly designed existing stations. Clearly, pump stations designed by our method should qualify for grant assistance further reducing the burden of budgeting funds for these necessary infrastructure projects. The President went on to say, “A low-carbon, clean energy economy can be an engine of growth for decades to come. And I want America to build that engine. I want America to build that future right here in the United States of America. That’s our task.” Global Green Lifts is positioned to partner with the President's vision of greening wastewater pump stations across America.

Alternative Sources of Funding

Power companies often offer incentive programs that reduce peak demand. Peak demand reductions by Global Green Lifts Energy Saving Green Wastewater Designed projects will qualify for these incentives because of the significant demand reduction that these stations will experience. The following link explains why load management is important and how it works


Global Green Lifts was born out of the desire to help.

  • Change America’s wastewater pump stations making them more efficient
  • Reduce foreign oil dependence through reduced pump station wasteful consumption
  • Create American jobs in this industry
  • Increase American manufacturing in the related industries
  • Stop unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by changing the path of inefficient 1940s design pump stations to the path of energy conserving green pump station designs.
  • Free up funding for badly needed infrastructure improvements through efficient operation of pump stations

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